3 main factors in kitchen design

Kitchen is the important part of the house. In spite of change in time and trends, the kitchen still remains warm and lovely place for family gatherings. Consequently cooking design is becoming more relevant. Housewives are constantly thinking about its colors, styles and furniture. Doremi is representing you several details of the kitchen, which you should give special attention to create its design.


You should Choose color or material of the floor wisely because it’s one of the most important parts about creating kitchen design. In this case you can choose it according to your needs. Kitchen is messy place which gets dirty easily especially if you have child. In this case you should choose floor surface that is easily cleaned. Linolium is comfortable for this, but time by time it easily breaks. The best solution for this is terracotta floor-tile. It does not break easily, it is durable and it does not cling dirt. You also have another options, for example wooden floor which keeps color for a long time and gives a luxurious vibes inside the room. If you want something more accessible, then laminate is the best option.


Cupboards are also important part of kitchen interior. In this case choice is huge and everything depends on your imagination. On the other hand you can also use already existing design. Classic, white kitchen – this is constantly most trending and modest, but time by time it gets dully. It is possible to use sharp color with classical white color to give it more diversity. If your kitchen has a huge space and it is filled with full of natural light then you can use dark colored cupboards. In this situation Dark gray and black cupboards won’t be dull and won’t darken the room. Additionally, black color will give it antique look. You also can use glass doors create elegant space, but if you don’t want inside cupboard to be visible you can paint glasses. Don’t be afraid to mix two different materials, you can even mix and create cupboards with wood and stainless steel.


Maintaining and highlighting is important part of kitchen design. Try to follow the style you chose and choose any other detail by its influence. We present you some styles: Classical style – natural colors, natural material. In this style of kitchen everything looks luxurious. Keep in mind that it needs huge space, otherwise it won’t be same as you imagined or planned it to be. Scandinavian style – if comfort and stability is important for you, then Scandinavian style is just for you. This is low budget and low profile style with light colors. Normally they are used in small sized kitchen. Modern style – this style is for housewives who respect simplicity and huge space, it has simple style furniture and can be used any kind of color. Futuristic Style – this style is for the people who like to be different. In this style you will meet everything, here you can use any material and color. Futuristic style is hardest style to create and it is possible you will need help from professional. These advices will help you to create kitchen design, which will give you excitement every time. For you and for your family members it always will be best part of the house and warm hearth.